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Lunch Menu

( served Mon.-Fri. 11:30am – 2:30pm)

Choice of: Vegetables/Tofu/Chicken 7.95, Beef/Shrimp 8.95,
Combo.(Chicken,Beef,Shrimp) 9.95, Duck 9.95, Seafood(Shrimp,Squid,Scallop) 12.95

Pad Thai
Stir fried the rice noodle,egg,bean sprounts and scallions with pad thai sauce

Pad woon Sen
Stir fried clear noodle with egg,onions,scallions,tomatoes and mushrooms

Pad see  ew
Stir fried flat noodle,egg,broccoli and snow peas

Thai Fried Rice
Stir fried rice,egg,onionsand tomatoes in fried rice sauce

Basil Sauce
Sautéed with fresh basil,onoins,bamboo,bell pepper and green bean

Cashewnut Sauce
Sautéed with roasted cashewnuts,baby corn,carrot,onions,water chestnuts and bell pepper

Garlic Sauce
Choice of meats in roasted garlic sauce served with vegetables(carrot,broccoli,zuccini,snow peas,cabbage)

Ginger Sauce
Sautéed with fresh ginger,mushroom,onions,snow peas and bell pepper

Mixed Vegetable(Light Brown Sauce)
Stir fried mixed vegetables(carrot,broccoli,snow peas,zuccini,cabbage)

Sweet & Sour Sauce
Sautéed famous sweet and sour sauce with onions,cucumbers,pine apple,tomatoes and bell pepper

Massaman Curry
Coconut milk based massaman curry with onions,pine apple,avocado and potatoes

Panang Curry
Coconut milk based Thai panang curry with kaffir lime leave flavor and broccoli

Red Curry
Coconut milk based red curry with carrot,bamboo,bell pepper and basil

Green Curry
Coconut milk based green curry with basil,green bean,bell pepper,carrot and bamboo

Volcano Chicken(Chili sauce)………………9.95
Sautéed Deep fried chicken in thai chili sauce served with  vegetables(carrot,broccoli,snow peas,zuccini,cabbage)

Fish Fillet in Volcano Sauce(ChiliSauce)….9.95
Sautéed fish fillet in thai chili sauce served with vegetables(carrot,broccoli,snow peas,zuccini,cabbage)

Crispy Duck Chili Sauce……………………….9.95
Sautéed crisy duck in thai chili sauce served with vegetables(carrot,broccoli,snow peas,zuccini,cabbage)

Spicy Fried Rice…………………………9.95
Stir fried rice with shrimp or chicken,pine apple,onions and tomatoes in thai chili paste


Salad bar (Dining in  only)–––––––––– 6.95

Side of Brown Rice – 1.00

***** Spicy rating from is 1 to 5 Star *****